Propak India 2018
  • Keynote Address – Prof Pierre Pennar

  • The Leaders’ Panel

Industry leaders present a macro perspective on the factors driving the processing and packaging landscape.

  • Smart technologies in Beverage Industry

The session will focus on the Smart technologies, Trends, Digitalization driving the processing & packaging in beverage industry.

  • Plastic waste control and solid waste managements

A cross sector panel will share their views and insights on what can be done to keep waters free of marine litter and to embrace a circular economy.

  • eCommerce Packaging - The new opportunity

With the change in buying behavior, online shopping is growing multi-folds. Packaging plays a vital role in first-hand customer experience. Innovation is no longer an option for companies to survive in this challenging digital world.

For more information on conference contact: Monica Preeti Rohra: [email protected] | +91 9619274838

  • Keynote Address – AVPS Chakravarthi 

  • Panel Discussion Plastics - Is the angst against the material realistic or mis-placed

Key stakeholders across the industries will discuss on whether all plastic is bad? Or our consumption patterns to be blamed? Are there enough alternatives to this material? How do we deal human aspect of the plastic economy?

  • Challenges & opportunities in packaging design and innovation

Brand owners to talk about the motivation to innovate as well as how the constraints may be tackled considering consumer preference & cost reduction.

  • Economic Impact of trade barriers on Indian food processing sector

100% FDI in food processing sector attracts global food manufacturing industry to India. Industry experts to share their insight on the economic impact of increasing trade barriers in the food processing sector.

  • Novel ideas for start-up in food processing and packaging sector

Food processing sector and associated ecosystem is witnessing a wave of entrepreneurship with disruptive and futuristic ideas.

  • Panel Discussion - Women in processing & packaging industry

The panel discussion will explore the significance of women leaders, mentoring, corporate cultures, self-empowerment, and challenges faced by them, within the packaging and processing industry.

  • Financing - investments and roadblocks

For more information on conference contact: Monica Preeti Rohra: [email protected] | +91 9619274838